nanoe-G Air Purifying System

 nanoe-G utilises nano-technology fine particles to purify the air in the room. It works effectively on airbone and adhesive mirco-organism such as bacteria, viruses and mould; ensuring a clearer living environment.


Step 1: 3 trillion*3 nanoe-G fine particles released from the generator.

Step 2: nanoe-G catches micro-organisms.

Step 3: nanoe-G brings micro-organism back into the filter.

*1 Airborne Removal was certified by Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science
*2 Adhesive Deactivation was certified by Japan Food Research Laboratories
*3 3 trillion is the simulated number of nanoe-G fine particles under the mentioned conditions. Actual measured nanoe-G fine particles at the centre of the room

(13m2):100k/cc calculated number of nanoe-G fine particles in the entire room assuming they are evenly distributed.