Intelligent Inverter

 Intelligent Inverter technology provides a high-precision method of maintaining the room set temperature by varying the rotation speed of the compressor; thus giving you energy savings of up to 50%.


  *Comparison of 1.0 Ton Inverter model and 1.0 Ton Non-Inverter model

Outside temperature: 35ºC/24ºC
Remote setting temperature: 25ºC with Fan speed (High)
Vertical Airflow direction: Auto
Horizontal Airflow direction: Front

Total power consumption amount are measured for 8 hours from starting.
At Panasonic Amenity Room (size:16.6m²)
This is the maximum energy saving value, and the effect differs according to conditions in installation and usage.

Advantages of Inverter Air Conditioners

1. Reduces Electricity Consumption

2. Constant Comfort


Precise temperature control with a wide power output range enables an Inverter air conditioner to meet different room occupancy levels – thus ensuring constant comfort.

3. Quick Cooling
Panasonic Intelligent Inverter air conditioners can operate with higher cooling power during the start up period to cool the room 1.5 times faster than non-Inverter models.