Aircraft technology was used in the design of the air-conditioner's airflow system

Jet Air Scroll Long Reach and Silent Air Flow

This system enables a large volume of air to be blown with a minimum amount of power consumption. The air flow is uniform, quiet and reaches a long distance from the indoor unit.


Long Reach Air Flow

The jet technology enables powerful airflow ideal for large living areas and commercial premises, increasing your comfort.


Wide and Varied Air Flow

Vertical and horizontal air scrolling combines to provide cubic airflow. The flow air flow spreads warm or cool air through the entire room.

Clean Air



Generates the same amount of negative ions as a forest environment


24-hour ION

The air-conditioner body has a tourmaline coated sheet. Negative ions (2,500 -3,000/cc) are generated when the air-conditioner is not running, allowing you to experience them without incurring any electrical cost.


Self Clean Operation

The indoor fan continues to operate on ultra low speed to dry the unit. This restricts the growth of mould. This feature can be selected on the remote control.


The air in your room is kept fresh

  • The 'Allergen Clear system' suppresses the influence of the allergen caught by the filter by controlling the temperature and humidity.
  • First in the world
  • 20 of Patent Pending